Coaching and guidance

Coaching and guidance

Coaching and guidance

When mentoring gifted individuals, specific considerations often arise, altering the coaching process compared to those with typical abilities. These modules teach you how to employ coaching techniques and materials tailored specifically to giftedness.

  • Mindset Training for Preschoolers, Children, and Adolescents
    How individuals perceive themselves and their beliefs about intelligence determine how they learn. How do you provide them with insight into fixed and growth mindsets? How do you push their comfort zone?

  • Guiding Underachieving Children with "The Power Within You"
    With Jan Kuipers' method "The Power Within You," we teach cognitively gifted children skills to develop their inner strength, helping them stand firmer on their own two feet.

  • Guiding Underachieving Adolescents with "Wise on your way"
    This method covers various aspects related to underachievement in adolescents. We learn how to provide them with insight into their qualities, values, mindset, learning skills, and negative beliefs.

  • Considerations when Coaching Gifted Adults
    Some gifted adults often encounter misunderstandings, boredom, prejudices, and conflicts in their social or work environments. What should you, as a coach, pay attention to when guiding gifted adults?


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