Are you a professional in the fields of education or healthcare who encounters cognitively gifted children or adults? Uncertain about what this entails? Feel like you could benefit from more background knowledge? Or as a teacher, psychologist, etc., unsure of how to begin? Explore our services below. We have a variety of training programs suitable for your needs, tailored to your level of understanding of cognitive giftedness.


Knowledge modules

A knowledge module provides you with deeper theoretical insights into specific aspects of cognitive giftedness, enabling you to critically assess your practices.


Practical modules

A practical module is geared towards hands-on learning, featuring exercises and interactions that enable you to work with materials applicable in classroom or practical settings.


Training programs

A training program extends over a longer duration and comprises a combination of knowledge and practical modules, fostering both critical analysis and practical application.


Advice and coaching

Guiding and supporting professionals, individually and in groups, in skills development, knowledge enhancement, and effective decision-making in their work.


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