Els Van Schepdael - Dag-Licht

Els Van Schepdael - Dag-Licht


After studying Economics, I remained particularly passionate about people and what moves them. I went to work in the business world where I focused on the human aspect: communication, marketing, and human resources. Within this last domain, I took on more and more of a coaching function and started to train myself in this field.

This gave me so much. Also because of my children, the subjects of giftedness and high sensitivity were triggered and I started to study them. Highly sensitive with Elke Van Hoof, giftedness with Hoogbloeier®, Core Talents with Daniëlle Krekels Core Talents, mindset with Platform Mindset, and perfectionism with Marcel Hendrickx OCP.

As a polymath with expertise in giftedness, high sensitivity, Core Talents, and perfectionism, I love to inspire people (especially young people and adults) to find their way, their core, and their confidence in themselves. What is more beautiful than being allowed to be yourself both privately, in studies (study guidance and study coaching), and in work (career guidance)? Seeing people grow gives me wings!

Target groups

adolescents | students | parents | adults


AdviceHigh sensitivity
Individual coachingMindset
Career guidance
Study choice
Talent whisperer


Poverstraat 12
1700 Sint-Martens-Bodegem


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