Smart girls in the 21st century

Smart girls in the 21st century

Smart girls in the 21st century

Drs. Barbara Kerr and Robyn McKay tackle what it means to live with, work with, and be a modern smart girl. Through their keen insights and academic research of real girls and women, they offer valuable information and advice on giftedness, achievement, self-actualization, and more. They examine bright girls’ development, types of intelligence, differences in generations, eminent women, barriers to achievement, education & growing talent, adolescence & college, gifted minority girls & women, twice-exceptionalism, and career guidance.

  • Bright girl’s development
  • Types of intelligence
  • Differences in generations
  • Eminent women
  • Barriers to achievement
  • Education and talent
  • Adolescence and college
  • Minority girls and women
  • Twice-exceptional
  • Career guidance

This book shines a much-needed spotlight on an issue rarely openly discussed in our society – the finding and nurturance of smart, creative, and talented girls and women. Ignoring the message of this book has deep consequences for society and the unfortunate loss of brilliance among at least half of the human population.

Scott Barry Kaufman, Ph.D.

Scientific Director, The Imagination Institute, University of Pennsylvania

Barbara Kerr and Robyn McKay tackle knotty issues and forge a highly original perspective on women’s talent development based on a multi-disciplinary, intergenerational review of research. I plan to apply their insights to my own work.

Rena F. Subotnik, Ph.D.

Director, Center for Psychology in Schools and Education, American Psychological Association

Kerr and McKay address a complex, and often controversial, web of issues and solutions to help parents, educators, and mentors of bright girls and women understand themselves and how they can grow to optimal development.

Heidi Molbak, M.S., N.C.C.

Founder and President, Seed Starter Educational Consulting for Gifted adn Twice-Exceptional Students

Smart girls in the 21st century
Understanding talented girls and women

Barbara A. Kerr & Robyn McKay

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