Education of the gifted and the talented

Education of the gifted and the talented

Education of the gifted and the talented

  • To provide programs to help meet the psychological, social, educational, and career needs of gifted and talented students.
  • To help students become capable of intelligent choices, independent learning, problem solving, and self-initiated action.
  • To strenghten skills and abilities in problem solving, creative thinking, communication, independent study, and researdh.
  • To reinforce individual interests.
  • To bring capable and motivated students together for support and intellectual stimulation.
  • To maximize learning and individual development – while minimizing boredom, confusion, and frustration.
  • In sum, to help gifted students realize their potential and their contributions to self and society.

These are the goals of educational programs for gifted and talented students, and these are the purposes of this book.

De auteurs

Gary A. Davis, University of Wisconsin

Sylvia B. Rimm, Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine and the Family Achievement Clinic, Cleveland, Ohio

Del Siegle, University of Connecticut


Dit boek wordt sinds 2014 als handboek gebruikt in de ECHA-opleiding Specialist in Gifted Education in Nijmegen. Het is een compleet overzicht van theorieën gebaseerd op wetenschappelijk onderzoek rond hoogbegaafdheid, gebundeld in verschillende hoofdstukken – gaande van kenmerken van hoogbegaafdheid, versnellen, verrijking, curriculummodellen, denkstrategieën, onderpresteren, gender, enz.

Education of the gifted and talented
Sixth Edition

Gary A. Davis, Sylvia B. Rimm, Del Siegle

Pearson Education Inc. | ©2011



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