100 ideas for secondary teachers

100 ideas for secondary teachers

100 ideas for secondary teachers

The school budget for gifted and talented provision may have been reduced, but the expectation and need for it is higher than ever. This brand new title in the bestselling 100 Ideas series includes enrichment activities and teaching and management strategies for supporting the most able students in your school.

Whether you are simply looking for activities to use in your classroom or you are in charge of whole school provision, there are ideas in this book for you. They range from how to identify gifted and talented students, support their individual needs and how to interest and engage them, to training other teachers and reviewing your school’s provision.

The book includes 50 practical strategies and 50 creative enrichment activities that can be implemented in the classroom or expanded into long-term projects. The activities cover a range of topics and ability levels as well as different areas of the curriculum. It is an essential book for any secondary teacher looking to identify, develop and challenge the most gifted and talented students in their school.

De auteur

John Senior has over 25 year’s experience of teaching gifted and talented children, presenting training and development programmes for teachers and working with parents of very able children.

100 Ideas for Secondary Teachers
Gifted and Talented

John Senior

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