Find your way as a gifted person and navigate life successfully and happily

Find your way as a gifted person and navigate life successfully and happily

Recognize this?

You often feel undervalued at work because you feel bored or lack sufficient challenge.

You struggle to find like-minded friends or deep connections due to your specific interests and way of thinking.

You have high expectations of yourself and are often critical of your performance.

You feel that your unique talents and achievements are not adequately recognized by those around you.

You experience difficulties at work and frequently clash with bureaucratic structures.

You struggle with your identity and your place in the world, especially feeling different from those around you.

Welcome to Hoogbloeier®,

Your guide in supporting gifted adults in Flanders!

Hoogbloeier® supports gifted (young) adults in Flanders with affordable and expert guidance.

The professional solution for giftedness in Flanders, with effective advice from our experts.

Dozens of gifted (young) adults have already chosen guidance from Hoogbloeier®.

Welcome to Hoogbloeier®, where we harness expertise for gifted (young) adults.

The first step towards effective guidance for gifted adults?

An introduction with one of our partners, of course!

We welcome you to an intake interview with one of our partners, listening to your vision and needs before proposing a guidance plan.

Need help quickly? Our partners are ready to start immediately!

Together, we strive for optimal support and growth.

Together, we aim for an environment where gifted individuals feel understood, supported, and challenged, even in your neighborhood.

Welcome to Hoogbloeier®, where talents are nurtured.

Learn more about our partners below.

Not sure who to turn to for help, or have a question of a more general nature?

Feel free to contact our referral service!

We're here to assist you, whether it's finding suitable employment, coping with social isolation, providing support for perfectionism and anxieties, or finding ways to provide challenges that truly stimulate the mind.

You can reach us by phone at +32 468 49 89 95 or through our contact form below.

We're eager to listen and will do our best to provide the support you need.

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Our Hoogbloeier® partners offer various activities for gifted (young) adults.

Enhance your knowledge about various aspects of giftedness, from career coaching to self-development.

In our agenda for parents and the gifted, you'll find all the activities being organized. Browse through our event calendar for activities that suit you, your children, or your partner.

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Whether you reside in West Flanders, East Flanders, Antwerp, Flemish Brabant, or Limburg, it doesn't matter. Hoogbloeier® is here for you too!

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