Discover how your school can develop the talents of high achievers

Discover how your school can develop the talents of high achievers

Recognize this?

You feel frustrated because it's difficult to identify gifted students and recognize their needs adequately.

It's a challenge to differentiate teaching materials to meet the intellectual hunger of gifted students while also considering classroom diversity.

You're concerned about the social and emotional development of gifted children, as well as underachievement.

You regret when gifted students struggle with social adjustment and finding similarities and friendships with peers.

You feel overwhelmed by parental expectations, which sometimes add extra pressure to the educational process and challenge effective communication.

You experience a lack of sufficient professional development opportunities and support to effectively address the unique needs of gifted students.

Welcome to Hoogbloeier®,

Your guide for school guidance on high intelligence in Flanders!

Hoogbloeier® supports schools and teachers of gifted students in Flanders with affordable and expert guidance.

The professional solution for giftedness in Flanders, with effective advice from our experts.

Dozens of schools and teachers of gifted children have already chosen Hoogbloeier® for guidance.

Welcome to Hoogbloeier®, where we bring together expertise for gifted students.

The first step towards effective guidance for gifted students?

An introduction to our educational coordinator, of course!
We welcome you to an intake interview and listen to your vision and needs before proposing guidance or training.

Need quick help? Our phone is ready to answer immediately!
Call +32 465 009 209

Together, we strive for optimal support and growth.

Together, we strive for an environment where gifted students feel understood, supported, and challenged, even in your neighborhood.

Welcome to Hoogbloeier®, where talents are nurtured.

Learn more about our offerings for schools below.

If you're unsure who to contact for assistance or have a general query, don't hesitate to reach out to our education coordinator!

We're here to help, whether it's providing advice for a gifted student, organizing a topic for a pedagogical training day, or offering teacher training.

You can reach us by phone at +32 465 009 209 or through our contact form below.

We're eager to hear from you and will strive to provide the support you need.

Hoogbloeier® offers various topics for teacher in-service training, always with a focus on tailored education for cognitively strong functioning students.

If you want to learn more about teaching these students, recognizing them, motivating underachievers, it's worth asking us about one or more topics.

You can request a teacher in-service training below. We'll invite you for an initial introductory meeting via Teams or Zoom to briefly discuss your request and determine which topic would suit you best.

Request your teacher in-service training!

Hoogbloeier® offers customized school development programs.

Such program entails ongoing support for educating cognitively advanced students.

Explore our tailored school development programs: Gifted Coordinator, School Policy, and Enrichment Class.

Schedule an introductory meeting via Teams or Zoom to discuss your needs and determine the most suitable trajectory for your school.

Explore our school development programs

Furthermore, we guide and support educational professionals, both individually and in groups, in developing skills, knowledge, and effective decision-making in their work.

We offer both peer consultation and individual advice.

School support

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Whether your school is in West Flanders, East Flanders, Antwerp, Flemish Brabant, or Limburg, it doesn't matter. Hoogbloeier® is here for you too!

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