Are you working with the gifted? Discover how to professionalize yourself in this field

Are you working with the gifted? Discover how to professionalize yourself in this field

Recognize this?

You find it difficult to recognize the specific needs of gifted students or employees and support them effectively.

You struggle to differentiate giftedness from other developmental or psychological disorders, risking misdiagnosis and missing appropriate treatments.

Finding suitable support tailored to gifted persons' needs proves challenging, leading to frustration for your clients.

Supporting gifted clients with their intense emotions and sensitivities is challenging and can lead to stressful situations for both you and your clients.

You notice gifted clients resist traditional therapy or education methods that don't meet their intellectual needs.

Sometimes, you feel a lack of recognition for the importance of supporting gifted persons within broader systems like education, workplaces, or healthcare institutions.

Welcome to Hoogbloeier®,

Your guide to professional development on giftedness in Flanders!

Hoogbloeier® supports professionals working with gifted individuals in Flanders with affordable and expert guidance.

The professional solution for giftedness in Flanders, backed by scientifically proven knowledge.

Dozens of professionals and employers have already chosen Hoogbloeier® for training.

Welcome to Hoogbloeier®, where we pool expertise for professionals working with gifted individuals.

The first step towards effective guidance for gifted clients?

An introduction to our training coordinator, of course! We welcome you to an intake interview and listen to your vision and needs before proposing a training.

Need immediate assistance? Our phone is ready to answer your call directly!
Call +32 478 206 987

Together, we strive for optimal support and growth.

Together, we aim for an environment where gifted individuals feel understood, supported, and challenged, even in your area.

Welcome to Hoogbloeier®, where talents are nurtured.

Learn more about our offerings for professionals below.

Explore our range of courses

If you're unsure who to contact for assistance or have a general question, feel free to reach out to our education coordinator!

We're here to assist, whether it's about program information or finding the most suitable training.

You can reach us by phone at +32 478 206 987 or via our contact form below.

We look forward to hearing from you and will do our best to provide the support you need.

Hoogbloeier® offers various training modules, including knowledge modules and practical modules.

A knowledge module provides theoretical background on aspects of cognitive giftedness to critically assess your actions. A practical module focuses on exercises and interaction, enabling you to work with materials for classroom or practical use.

Below, you can view our schedule.

If you're unsure which to choose, we invite you to a preliminary consultation via Teams or Zoom, where we can briefly discuss your needs and recommend the most suitable training.

Explore our courses here!

Hoogbloeier® also offers tailor-made programs for professionals.

These programs are longer and consist of a mix of knowledge and practical modules, enabling you to critically assess and practically act regarding gifted students or clients.

Explore our tailored programs below. Our Giftedness Coach program caters specifically to professionals such as psychologists, educational psychologists, coaches, HR managers, and more. Additionally, we offer a Giftedness Coordinator program tailored for schools, empowering you to become the giftedness expert within your institution.

We invite you to an initial introductory meeting via Teams or Zoom, where we can briefly discuss your needs and determine which program best suits you.

Explore our tailored programs for professionals

Upon completion of the Giftedness Coach training, you're ready to launch your own practice.

Upon passing the exam, you're eligible to join the Hoogbloeier® expert network, engaging in a supportive community where partners exchange expertise, experiences, and referrals.

Furthermore, membership in this network entitles you to annual internal training sessions, including study days, team gatherings, and peer support meetings, enhancing the comprehensive Giftedness Coach training.

More about our professional development partner network

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Whether you work in West Flanders, East Flanders, Antwerp, Flemish Brabant, or Limburg, it doesn't matter. Hoogbloeier® is here for you too!

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